DVD "An evening at Gogarty's"

The DVD captures an evening at Gogarty's, beginning in the quiet early afternoon downstairs, all the way through to the stamping of feet in the early hours of the morning upstairs. The DVD also includes interviews with staff, management and musicians, but also the history of the man of the bar that bears his name.



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  1. Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie / Good morning to your nightcap
  2. Jigs: Tobins favourite / Willie Colemans 
  3. Song : Will you go lassie, go
  4. Reels : Josie Mc Dermotts / The Green Mountain / John Stensons no.2


  1. Jigs: Paddy Clancy's / The Old Favourite / Merrily Kiss the Quaker
  2. Slides: Kathleen Hehirs / Going to the well for water / The Dingle Regatta
  3. Song: The Night visit
  4. Jigs: The Rose in the Heather / The Gudgeon of Maurice's car / Out in the Ocean
  5. Song: The Ferryman (Pete St John)
  6. Reels: The Convenience / Up Downey  / John Stensons no.2
  7. Slow Air: Lament for spilled porter (Paul Leech)
  8. Reels: The Pinch of snuff / The Masons apron Video
  9. Song: The Wild Rover
  10. Song: I'll Tell me ma
  11. Jigs: Whelan's jig / Sean Ryan's / Tom Billy's
  12. Reels: The High Drive (Gordon Duncan)/ Dan Breen's / The Foxhunter
  13. Song: Whiskey in the jar Video
  14. Song: Bright silvery light of the moon
  15. Song: The Irish Rover
  16. Reels: The Dublin Reel / The Flogging / The Bucks of Oranmore Video