CD2 "Gogarty's Music 2: A decade on"

The CD Gogarty's Music "A decade on" was recorded in Dublin's renowned Pulse studios in 2005, and features 64 musicians and 18 tracks. See below for the tracklist and some samples of the CD.





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    Tracklist CD Gogarty's Music "A decade on"

  1. Reels: Fearghaill O'Gara, The Floggin', The Foxhunters
  2. Song: The Holy Ground
  3. Reels: Jean's Reel, Charlie Flemmings, The Flowers Of Redhill
  4. Song: Molly Bawn
  5. Jigs: Rose In The Heather, The Gudgeon Of Maurice's Car, Out In The Ocean
  6. Song: Fields Of Athenry
  7. Reels: The Limestone Rock, The Killavil Reel, Tommy Peoples
  8. Song: Home Away From Home
  9. Jigs: The Priest In His Boots, The Battering Ram, Connie Connells
  10. Song: Molly Malone
  11. Jig&Reels: Coppers & Brass (Humours of Enistymon), Sally Gardens, Star Of Munster
  12. Song: Sullivan's John
  13. Hornpipes: The Cuckoo's Nest, Fishers Hornpipe
  14. Jigs: Pipe In The Hob, Whallop The Spot, Port Na Brathar
  15. Song: Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon
  16. Jigs: Sophie's New Room Set
  17. Song: The Kerry Recruit
  18. Reels: Eva's Reel, Out Of Time, The Boys Of Malin